About Infobase Holdings, Inc.

Infobase Holdings, Inc. ("IHI") is a privately held holding company focused primarily on providing cloud-based educational and vocational information services to the K–12, academic, and public library markets. Each of IHI's subsidiary companies is characterized by strong brands, proprietary content, and market-leading digital delivery platforms. With more than 15,000 products, IHI reaches virtually every level in the educational and vocational learning process, from helping third graders learning about the solar system, to university professors researching the end of the Cold War, to graduating law students exploring which law firm to join.

IHI has fully embraced the efficiency and flexibility of digital formats and has made its cloud-based content delivery platforms a key component of its forward strategy. IHI has digitized millions of content assets, including books, periodicals, videos, images, and audio recordings, all of which can be delivered seamlessly to any web-connected device.

Founded more than 70 years ago, IHI, as well as its subsidiary companies, has been a reliable, authoritative content resource for generations of students, teachers, and librarians. It's this commitment to excellence that drives IHI's dedicated team of professionals.

IHI is a portfolio company investment of Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a private equity firm that invests in the media, information, and education industries.

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Mark D. McDonnell
President & CEO

James Housley
Chief Financial Officer

Laurie Likoff
Editorial Director, Print

Tara McCaffrey
Director of Marketing & Online Products

Chris Plapp
Director of Digital Strategy

Mark Zielinski
Director of Sales

Liz Clarke
Director of Human Resources